Walmart Fake Teeth

walmart fake teeth

Dentures, or fake teeth as they are commonly called, are used to replace missing teeth. They help people speak more clearly, eat more comfortably, and boost the wearer’s confidence level. Furthermore, it might also provide protection for the remaining teeth and stop the face from aging-related drooping. Buying dentures is a big decision. It is important to find fake teeth that are comfortable, fit you well, and are affordable. This is where an online store like Walmart can come to your rescue. This list will give you a few different types of fake teeth sold in Walmart.

TPROM 28Pcs/Set Resin Teeth Model Durable Dentures Universal Resi False Teeth

These fake teeth from TPROM have a smooth surface and an ergonomic design which makes them a comfortable fit. They are durable and made of premium, non-toxic resin. There are 28 pieces of dentures in the package at a price of $8.18.

Shaboo Prints Fake Teeth, Veneer Cosmetic Teeth, Natural Shade, Fix Confident Smile, 2Pcs

Shaboo Prints fake teeth give off a realistic look due to the natural, light gloss finish. They are very comfortable to use, can be reused, and give a perfect fit to the wearer. They are made using environmentally friendly, safe, and healthy materials. You can buy these dentures from Walmart website for $15.70.

CHANCELAND False Teeth Silicone Upper Lower Veneers Perfect Laugh Veneers Dentures Paste Fake Teeth Braces

These fake teeth made from silicon offer a soft and safe fit for the upper or lower layer of teeth. They are easy to use and remove and are designed for one-time use. They are perfect for concealing teeth that are crooked, discolored, missing, or gapped. The CHANCELAND false teeth are available on the Walmart website for $7.97.

YumSur Fake Teeth, Tooth Repair Kit Natural Shade Fake Teeth Filling The Gap, Temporary Replace The Missing or Broken Tooth

YumSur fake teeth are designed as a comfortable replacement for a single tooth. It is made of top-quality and totally safe resin which gives the wearer a natural feel and look. The package, priced at $15.99 in Walmart online store, comes with false teeth in three shades along with a few moldable beads.

Willstar Temporary Tooth Kit-Thermal Beads for Filling Fix the Missing and Tooth or Adhesie the Denture Fake Teeth eneer

These fake teeth are perfect as replacements for your rear and front teeth. They are made using natural, tasteless, and non-toxic resin-based substances that are environmentally friendly. The material used for making these teeth will not be absorbed by the body and is completely safe. They are easy to use, no tools are needed to fit them in your mouth, and you can even reuse them. You can also use them as fun Halloween dentures. They are available on the Walmart website for $7.09.

Niyofa Fake Teeth, Cosmetic Denture Veneers for Upper and Lower Jaw, Natural Shade Fake Veneer for Temporary Fix Confident Smile

Niyofa fake teeth are designed to enhance your teeth’s lower and upper layers, making them white and dazzling. They are made from silicone and offer a soft and safe fit. These teeth are easy to mount and remove and their extra-thin flex technology lessens speech interference. You can buy these dentures from Walmart website for $8.02.

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