Travis Barker Teeth Jewelry

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Artists, today, have this obsession with getting their teeth blinged. Travis Barker, the Blink-182 drummer who has heavy artwork on his body has recently expanded the artwork to his mouth. Yes, that’s true! Following in the footsteps of his girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, the drummer has his teeth blinged. Travis Barker has blinged out his smile with diamond teeth implants. The rocker has a whooping $8,000 diamond-skull gem on one of his incisors while his girlfriend has a set of diamond-studded vampire fangs implanted.

Dr. Thomas Connelly – The Dentist Who Helped Travis With His Teeth Jewelry

Travis went to the “father of diamond dentistry”, Dr. Thomas Connelly to get his teeth jewelry done. The dentist has previously worked with renowned athletes, artists, and other celebrities for whom he has created customized teeth jewelry. The dentist revealed that Travis Barker wanted something cool. He wanted something that hasn’t been done before. Dr. Thomas Connelly refined the permanent platinum and diamond design and got it built into a porcelain crown. After this upgrade, Travis Barker is thinking of adding more teeth jewelry pieces in the near future.

The dentist revealed that his girlfriend accompanied him when he got the implants done. He also revealed that Kourtney approved of the diamond-studded jewelry, and she very much loves the new bling. Even his followers agree with Kourtney Kardashian. Dr. Thomas took to Instagram and posted a picture of Travis with his new bling. He posted a close-up of the diamond veneer showcasing the fine details of the design. Followers of Blink-182 got hold of this picture, and they think the new addition has made the drummer look cooler.

With the approval of his girlfriend and his fans, it seems that Travis Barker has done a fantastic job. He has put his money to good use.

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