Grillz Teeth

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There are automobile grills, barbeque grills, bar and grills, and we have teeth grills or grillz.

Teeth grillz has been around for a very long time. It was often worn by nobles and royals as ornaments and was a sign of belonging to high society.

Teeth grillz are trendy, shiny and fairly popular trend when it comes to dental wear. Dental grillz are worn for cosmetic purposes. You can get them in metal or even in platinum, gold, or silver. They can be jeweled or even inlaid with precious stones.

Grillz teeth, broke through the scene of fashion and popular culture somewhere around the 1980’s. As some famous athletes and hip-hop performers were seen wearing them at public events and social media gatherings.

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Why Do People Get Teeth Grillz

People get teeth grillz for purely cosmetic purposes or simply as an ornamental accessory. Teeth grillz do not have any other function or purpose. As per the American Dental Association (ADA), not many studies conducted to imply any advantages or disadvantages of teeth grillz.

However, the best advice is to get them fitted by a professional dentist and not by a jeweler. As jewelers are not dentists and may not be able to get the right fit for your set of teeth. Consequently, wearing these ornamental embellishments could lead to oral health issues.

It is recommended to get teeth grillz made under the guidance of a professional dentist only.

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How Long Do Teeth Grillz Last

There are two types of teeth grillz- permanent and removable. Both these types can be made under the guidance of your licensed dentist.

Teeth grillz can last a lifetime, however, the longevity of the teeth grillz depends on its maintenance. Following are some oral hygiene practices that you must follow to maintain your teeth grillz:

  • Ensure that grillz are clean at all times to avoid harmful bacteria and plaque build up
  • You have to brush them everyday with a soft toothbrush
  • Try and avoid eating with teeth grillz on, always remove them before eating
  • If you are using removable teeth grillz, clean and brush your teeth before putting them on
  • Do not use any jewelry cleaning liquids on them

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How Do Teeth Grillz Stay On

There are two types of teeth grillz available in the market- permanent and removable.

The key to ensuring that your grillz sits perfectly boils down to having a perfect mold of your teeth. The grillz have to sit directly on top of the teeth and must be a snug fit. They stick on properly due to the pressure of the gold or silver on the sides of your teeth.

If you have opted for permanent grillz, the process requires your dentist to file down your teeth, post which diamond or gold caps get glued over filed teeth.

The removable grillz must sit over the teeth perfectly. In other words, removable grillz should easily slide on top of your teeth and grip it from the back and front sides by applying pressure.

Can You Eat And Drink With Grillz On

It is not recommended to eat with your grillz on. In fact, permanent grillz are not recommended by many dentists, as they cover your original teeth preventing any access.

However, if you have permanent teeth grillz then you need to care for them like you do for your natural set of teeth.

It is always advised to remove your teeth grillz prior to eating or drinking.

Can You Smoke With Grillz On

It is not advisable to smoke with your teeth grillz on. Similar to the advice of not eating with your teeth grillz on. It is always recommended to remove teeth grillz prior to eating, drinking, and smoking.

If you do use grillz while eating, drinking and smoking, make sure to clean them to avoid any plaque/bad bacteria build up. Also, smoking will fade the shine of the gold teeth grillz.

It is important to be aware that teeth grillz are not your real or natural teeth, and are worn only for ornamental or fashion purposes.

Do You Brush Grillz And How Do You Maintain Them

There are a few hygiene related steps that you need to perform every day to ensure that your grillz are maintained along with your oral health:

  • It is advised to remove your grillz prior to eating
  • Brush your grillz twice a day with a soft brush
  • Wearing grillz does not mean you stop cleaning and brushing your natural teeth
  • Floss your natural teeth and grillz separately twice a day
  • Do not wear your grillz 24×7
  • Stick to the recommendations of your dentist with regard to the material used and its maintenance
  • For gold grillz use a non-abrasive solution

To ensure the longevity of your grillz and to keep your oral health in good shape, it is necessary to follow the above practices and also visit your dentist regularly for checkups.

Some Celebrities With Famous Grillz

Glamourized by rappers like Big Daddy, Slick Rick and Kool G in the 1980’s, the grillz baton was passed on to rappers, Nelly. Nelly had a famous song *Grillz* back in 2005. It was a tribute to his rose and diamond grillz.

Designer Marc Jacobs recently posted his new set of grillz on Instagram, while LeBron James displayed his loyalty to the famed LA Lakers by getting the mascot engraved on his grillz.

There are women celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Madonna, and the entire Kardashian- Jenner team flaunting their jeweled grillz from time to time.


Grillz make a strong fashion statement and gets you the desired attention. However, it is important to be aware that you must not compromise your oral health at the cost of wearing grillz. It is recommended to wear removable grillz, as they are easier to maintain and also allow you access to your natural teeth to maintain oral hygiene. If you have opted for permanent grillz, make sure you care for them significantly and go for regular oral checkups. Grillz must be cared for as much as your teeth are.

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