Billy Bob Teeth

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All you need to know about Billy Bob Teeth

Who invented Billy Bob Teeth?

Jonah White is the inventor of Billy Bob Teeth. He got the idea of mass-producing realistic-looking fake hillbilly teeth in 1994.

He was at a college football game at this time.

Here he saw a dental student named Rich Bailey, who wore a set of hillbilly’s teeth. He later realized that most dental students did this as a prank.

That is when Mr. Jonah White conceived the idea of making this gag gift for millions of people. He went on to become a millionaire by selling millions of these units.

Where are Billy Bob’s Teeth located?

The Billy Bob costume store is in Calhoun County, Hardin, Illinois – near Hamilton Lake along the Great River Road.

You can also get Billy Bob’s teeth from major e-commerce stores such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.

When did Billy Bob’s Teeth start?

Along with Rich Bailey, Jonah White formed Billy Bob Teeth Co. in 1994, in Calhoun County. To this day, the headquarter and the shipping hub remains here.

Bailey gifted 50% of his company holdings to Jonah, as a wedding gift. The two continue to be best friends.

What do the teeth look like?

The Billy Bob false dentures are reusable in one row of teeth. They make your teeth look severely deteriorated and misaligned.

When people see you wearing it, they would think you’ve no idea about dental hygiene! Some varieties have missing teeth, extra teeth, impacted teeth, and even bleeding gum.

They make you look goofy and are ideal for the Halloween season. After all, these items are a worldwide sensation and hold the tag of “the most successful novelty product!”

These sets are made of silicone, dental acrylic, and dental putty and have a shelf life of 12 months.

What styles are available?

Apart from fitting a bead set and a round storage case, you choose from 25 different styles of teeth. The list is as follows:

  • Big Cletus Teeth – This set comes with two big misaligned incisors and is ideal for any hillbilly costume!
  • Megabucks Teeth – This design has two huge front teeth with bleeding gums to simulate the effects of tartar buildup.
  • Redneck Teeth – This goofy-looking design will surely make you look like a redneck with a touch of tartar and wide spaces in between.
  • Meth Teeth – These are the most rotten teeth on the offer and work perfectly as zombies’ teeth!
  • Betty Bob Teeth – Here’s the female equivalent of the regular Billy Bob teeth.
  • Jethro Teeth – With this you get four teeth pointing in different directions with a little tartar.
  • Vampire Teeth – The long fangs in this unit would be ideal for some vampire role-play action!
  • Zombie Teeth – This unit has a unique flesh-eating effect ideal for zombie role-play!
  • Tiger Teeth – These would certainly give a more exotic look to your face!