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ALIGNERCO Teeth Whitening Kit

What happens if I don't wear my aligners all day?

Not wearing aligners all day can slow progress and even make the treatment ineffective. You also run the risk of teeth reverting to their original positions (relapse). This shift, even though is typically not visible, can cause you some pain or discomfort.

What happens if I don t wear my aligners for 22 hours a day?

If you don’t wear your aligners for 22 hours a day, it can lead to numerous complications like delayed results and discomfort. Your teeth may even begin to move slightly from their proper alignment.

Does aligners really work?

Yes, your teeth can be straightened with aligners without any discomfort or harm to your mouth. They are just as beneficial as braces at straightening out mild and moderately crooked teeth.

Does ALIGNERCO include retainers?

Yes, ALIGNERCO provides retainers as part of their aligner plan to their clients. Additionally, clients can receive 8 sets of retainers sent to their home for $549.00 when they purchase the Smile Protection Plan.

How long does it take to get aligners from ALIGNERCO?

ALIGNERCO provides smile projections to clients roughly 2 weeks from the date they get usable teeth impressions. The aligners will be sent to them in around 3 weeks after they have paid for them. So, the entire process usually requires 5 weeks.

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